The seventh Fire Program is dedicated to assisting students

  • who have experienced difficulty in a structured high school environment
  • who are given the opportunity to make their own goals and develop an academic plan that meets each of their individual needs
  • The centre follows the Seven Grandfather Teachings and philosophy.
  • Program is accredited through Midland Secondary School.

Seven Grandfather Teachings

Wisdom, Respect, Humility, Love, Honesty, Bravery & Truth


It is to be discovered on your journey through life... in a wild flower, in the face and words of an elder.

If you listen you will hear it in every sound, if you look you will see it in all things!


It must come from within. It is not to be demanded, it is to be earned and given freely from the goodness of your heart!


Reach out ... Let Peace and Harmony unite all Nations!


is a feeling that has no boundaries. Give it... Accept it... and feel its power.


Keep your life simple....speak the truth, choose honesty and kindness as your guide and happiness will follow you.


"Let the Great Spirit bless us with the courage to keep the circle strong. Never give in. Never give up.


Understand it.... Speak it.... Live by it....!