Homelessness Partnering Strategy(HPS)

The Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre is a community service agency who is currently hosting the Urban Aboriginal Homelessness Initiative. Our program will serving and supporting the Urban Aboriginal Homelessness and near Homeless in the Midland, and North Simcoe Region.

Goals and Objectives:


  • To ensure that homeless people and those at risk of homelessness are provided longer-term housing solutions, shelter and support and prevention services.
  • Increased strategic engagement of partners and improved coordination and delivery of services.
  • Increased knowledge to support better informed policies, investment decision making and provision of services.


Prevention and reduction of homelessness through a "housing first" approach that addresses a community driven, integrated, culturally appropriate framework.



We can speak on your behalf or represent you with Ontario Works, O.D.S.P., medical treatment, and other service providers, home communities, government and within courts.


Assessment is the process of asking clients several questions about themselves and their concerns or issues in order to get a better understanding of each individuals needs.


Prevention is activities and practices aimed at anticipating, avoiding, and removing possible causes to preclude an event from happening.


Intervention is broad term used to describe the process of offering different levels of support individually or in a group.


After an assessment the client or the staff may feel that the clients needs can be best met by another agency or treatment facility. Staff will provide names and phone numbers of other community agencies or help with obtaining appropriate services.

Emergency shelter coverage

Motel room stay's are based on need and circumstances of client.

Meal Support

Monthly Food vouchers, Food bank assistance, Community kitchen's.


The program can assist