The goal of the Long Term Care Strategy is to assist people to remain within their communities with the supports and services that they require to live a full and independent life. Long Term Care currently refers to those programs and services that offer people in need of non-hospital admission based care the health and social supports that they need to retain health and maintain wellbeing and independence.


  1. The Long Term Care focus should be on "Taking Care of Our Own"; and acknowledge Aboriginal self-determination in long term care services and programs. Long term care services and programs must be directed, designed, implemented and controlled by the Aboriginal community.
  2. A wholistic approach should be used in the planning and delivery of all long term care programs and services. LTC incorporates all ages and stages of the life cycle and must meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the both the individual and community.
  3. Effective coordination is required from the local to the provincial level to improve Aboriginal people's awareness of and access to culturally appropriate Aboriginal long term care programs and services.
  4. Effective coordination between Aboriginal communities, non-Aboriginal communities and government must be flexible, evolving and ongoing.
  5. Flexibility is required regarding policies, programs and services in order to recognize the diversity of Aboriginal needs. This diversity is geographic, spiritual and cultural, and linguistic. Services must be flexible enough to respect the needs of all individuals regardless of lifestyle, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
  6. Promotion of racial equity and of Aboriginal culture and traditions be implemented in a manner that is consistent with anti-racism strategies.
  7. Both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Long Term Care Programs and Services must respect and honour an Aboriginal person's choice of services.
  8. Traditional healing practices and medicines will be incorporated into Aboriginal Long Term Care programs and services in a manner to be determined by the local community in order to best meet the needs of that community.
  9. All systemic barriers related to the use of traditional medicine and healing practices must be removed and these practices be protected from government regulation.
  10. Equitable access to Long Term Care programs and services must be guaranteed regardless of an individuals status, residency, sexual orientation or disability.
  11. LTC programs and services must recognize and make provision for the inclusion and involvement of Aboriginal families and communities in