The Community Career Developer works to provide outreach and network with the private, volunteer and public sectors in order to support, create and enhance employment opportunities for Aboriginal people within our community.

Goals and Objectives

To support and prepare Aboriginal people with attaining their employment and training goals through funded and non-funded program interventions by developing partnerships and encouraging demand driven skills development. We hope to improve the opportunities for meaningful employment through self-determined activities and building employment and training capacity.

By developing and maintaining an employer and client contact list we hope to build supportive relationships that help promote and provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to improve their economic lives through culturally-based services in an employment-focused partnership environment. We hope to aid in the creation of meaningful and rewarding career paths for Aboriginal people in our community.

Programme Interventions to Available to Help Assist Employers

Labour Market Partnerships

The Apatisiwin Targeted Wage is designed to give the employer an incentive to hire an individual that they might not otherwise have considered for employment. This initiative provides employers with wage subsidies to hire Apatisiwin clients. It also provides unemployed individuals with employment opportunities through which they can gain work experience to improve their long term employment prospects. Unemployed clients who are eligible to receive unemployed Employment Insurance or eligible individuals experiencing difficulty in finding work can benefit from on-the-job work experience.

On The Job Training

This intervention provides training and work experience to Apatisiwin clients by providing on-the-job training costs, wage subsidies and other specified costs to employers. This intervention is a partnership cost share with the employer. This intervention brings the client to the brink of employment readiness. This intervention is similar to the former Targeted Wage Subsidy.

Purchase of Training

This intervention is used by all clients who need training to gain the skills for a particular employment area. This intervention is part of an efficient strategic process which leads directly to employment.

  • Increase the number of qualified skilled trades people
  • Access employment opportunities in the skilled trades areas
  • Create incentives for employers to hire apprentices

Apprenticeship Skills Training

Providing opportunities for Aboriginal people is a priority with Apatisiwin. The intent of this intervention is to enhance and ensure the successful completion of apprenticeship training certification as per Ministry of Education and Training requirements. The intervention allows Employment Counsellors to help assist with funding available to apprentices. This intervention is used to:

Training Supports

This intervention provides needed assistance to clients who are not in a financial position to pay for the training